How to Buy Water Rights

Learn how to locate, evaluate, and acquire water rights in stable water basins.

How to Buy Water Rights

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How Reliable is Your Water Resource?

How Limited are your Water Resources?

How dependable is your water supply?

What would you do if the water did not come out when you turn on your facet? Do you take for granted that fresh clean water will always be there when you need it? Have you considered how you will respond to continuing increases in the fees you pay for your water?

What will you do when there is no water available to you and your family?

Are you aware of the water shortages and depleted aquifers below?

On November 24, 1922 in Santa Fe, New Mexico the water in the Colorado River was promised or allocated to seven states and each was allotted a share of the river. The amount of water or river flow was divided up based on a twenty year river flow study that had just been completed. Today looking back we know that the twenty year study time period was the wettest twenty in the past hundred years. Tree ring studies now tell us the past hundred years was one of the wettest hundred year period in the past thousand years. The river was millions of gallons over allocated the day they signed the Compact.

The Ogallala is the largest aquifer in the United States. It was charged or filled with water from the melting glaciers around ten thousand years ago. The available water in this underground aquifer has been declining since the first electric pumps were put to work. It is not a question of will it be pumped dry, rather a matter of when it will no longer be capable of supplying water to the land above.

Satellite studies now allow science to better understand how much water is in the aquifers below ground. The recent study of the California Central Valley aquifer shows large water losses. The Central Valley produces a large amount and variety of foods. This food is consumed by all of America. Science believes the aquifer below the Central Valley lost enough water to fill Lake Mead during a short study period. Lake Mead is above Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and the largest man made lake in America. As the water table falls in California there is a well drilling free for all going on with large wealthy farmers drilling deeper and deeper wells.

Whole towns have already lost the municipal supply wells to thousands of people.

Droughts and mega droughts have brought cultures and civilizations to their demises throughout history.

Do you want a secure water future? Do you understand aquifer and surface water over allocation? Are you confident that you can go out and make informed decisions in your quest for a reliable secure water future?

Water rights, both ground water and surface flowing water rights to put the water to your own personal beneficial use are available today.

Learn “How to Buy Water Rights” from a water rights land sales specialist.

How to Buy Water Rights

In the land and water rights sales business, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I acquire and keep water rights?”  There is not a single simple  answer to this question, but there are answers which will help most people develop an understanding about water rights.

“How to Buy Water Rights”   Is an attempt to keep the explanation simple.

How to Buy Water Rights Cover

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Farm Life? Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Personal Security of Food Supply and Fresh Water?

Looking for a nice sustainable life style on some farm land or ranch operation? We have small land parcels ideal for Produce farming near Las Vegas, and Cattle Ranch Land operations, high quality Alfalfa farms across Nevada. All have water rights, many with irrigation pivots. Some are smaller gravity flow irrigation from surface water rights with priority dating back as far as 1873.


Lincoln Estates 1000 Acres, Many Potential Uses, includes 2540 Acre Feet of Ground Water Rights.

Rainbow Canyon Live Stream runs through property with surface water rights 1873 priority dates!

Flatnose Ranch 680 Acres Alfalfa

Mathews Farm 266 acres between Caliente and Panaca in Lincoln County

Adams Peak Alfalfa Farm 1600 Irrigated Alfalfa Acres

Diamond Springs Ranch 33, 000 acres BLM Range Leases, and 1000 Acres Deeeded, Nice Cattle Operation

Eden Valley Alfalfa Farm 4.5 Sqaure Miles of deeded Alfalfa Farm with 18 Pivots, Approx 2300 Irrigated Acres

Small acreage land parcels also available in Lincoln County Nevada with three acres starting at $15,000.

Nice home site, room for animals, garden, orchard, beautiful views of Meadow Valleyand PanacaSummit Mountainsto the East. Located in Lincoln County, NVbetween Caliente and 6.5 miles South of Shell Station in Panaca on West side of Hwy 93. Less than a tank of gas from Las Vegas. Needs well and septic, for more information call Chris W Miller 435-862-5951

Domestic wells in Nevadaare allowed to pump up to two acre feet of water per year, that is over 50,000 gallons per month for domestic use. Call Chris for a list of local well drillers to get more information.

Farm Life? Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Personal Security of Food Supply and Fresh Water? Raise animals, gardens, orchards. Great Farmers Market in Caliente.

Peace, Quite, and Clean Fresh Air! Water our Most Precious Limited Resource!

Call Chris today at 435-862-5951


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Drought, Nevada Ranch and Farm Land, Herd Size and Water Rights

Ranch Land, Herd Size, Drought, Ground Water, and Water Rights 

Irrigated Farm Land, Cattle Ranches with Water Rights listed and sold here.Much of Nevada land is public owned lands. Nevada has the most public lands in the continental United States, much of it is managed by the BLM or Bureau of Land Management. Water Rights on Ranch land in Nevada is our most precious resource.

Many Nevada Ranches have BLM range land leases for grazing livestock. For instance, you can own 1000 acres and have grazing access to 40,000 acres through these lease arrangements. There are a few important considerations when shopping the ranch land market and leases. Are the water rights owned, is the land contiguous to the leases?

Range land condition and shared occupancy matter also. Are there wild horses on the ranges? While wild horses are beautiful and an American heritage, they can be very hard on the range land and compete with livestock for the food and water resources on the range land.

Water and drought are coming to the forefront in terms of farm and ranch land purchase considerations. Cattle herds are being sold off today due to lack of water and feed in much of the United States. This will lead to a shrinking supply of beef at your grocery store and of course higher prices.

Alfalfa hay supply is in very tight demand with rising prices. Relative to world population arable farm land continues to shrink.

Today it is not just drought that worries farmers and ranchers, ground water aquifers have begun to come into question. Falling ground water tables and regulations coming out of Washington DC’s EPA  are making some farm land useless. Investing in farm and ranch land continues to be a focus of some of Wall Street’s brightest investors.

Just as mineral rights are important to mining and oil companies, water rights are paramount to farmers and ranchers. However, if there are no minerals or water in the ground, rights matter not.

This area of real estate is specialized; it requires a special set of skills and market market knowledge. Issues like critical water shortages, range land quality, AUM regulation, basin allocation, water table stability, etc.

If you are interested in investing in farm or ranch land or you are considering a career in agriculture, you must be prepared. I will be happy to help you understand the important questions you need to be asking.

Chris W. Miller

Independence Realty

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Mesquite Nevada, Does It Have A Sunny Future?

Mesquite Nevada, is it at a crossroad? 

The high-end housing market is a very competitive and a shrinking market. New homes being built today continue to get smaller nationally. While Mesquite has focused on expensive HOA’s, gated neighborhoods, streetscapes, and image our competition is focusing on future cost saving efficiency and sustainable living.

 Even a free and clear home is not free to live in, homeowner association costs, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities all go on forever.

Will I have enough money to retire and take care of myself? Very few Baby Boomers Boomers have not given this question considerable thought, how about you?

The boomers are just starting to retire this year and will be retiring at a pace of 8000 to 10,000 per day for the next nineteen years. These retirees are Mesquite’s future target market.

Besides their recent asset value losses and reduced personal net worth, they are concerned about future health care costs, pension stability, social security, debt, inflation, and their future cost of living. There is 2.5 Trillion in pension funding owed today, who will pay this, Bankrupt States, Municipalities, Unions, the Federal Government? Are you willing to gamble your future on the stability of this debt? Or is your future already depending on it? Will our legacy for our children and generations beyond be that they will live with a lower standard of living, and we were a generation of extravagant, wasteful, fools? For most, they grew up thinking real estate had little or no risk. The reality that there is downside risk in real estate has hit them, as a generation, hard.

We all know a huge percentage of the Boomer generation has not saved enough money.

Looking forward, some of the most relevant results of the recent past will be the way they view their money. Their attitude about debt. Their attitude about investing in residential real estate has fundamentally changed. It is no longer viewed as a quick way to wealth; rather it is where they live. They have also realized that leverage or debt has plenty in common with a margin account used for trading stocks. Gambling with borrowed money. They have become far more cautious and conservative. Finances in most cases will dictate their lifestyle choices, including where they will live. 

Objections, obstacles, and adversities create opportunities. They are nothing more than problems to be solved. Remember IBM thought the Personal Computer was a Stupid Idea! They ignored the future at their own peril.

Mesquite Nevada has some of the best solar intensity in the nation. The weather and sunshine may be our greatest attraction and resource.

Yet not a single homebuilder in Mesquite offers a solar application of any kind in a standard package. They do not talk much about orientation to the sun or solar applications. Mesquite homebuilders took out 201 new home building permits in 2010. How many do you think are properly solar oriented?

Innovation and technology like shared geothermal systems for heating and cooling entire neighborhoods and solar energy are the future. Do you think electricity costs are going down? Have you heard about cap and trade?

Energy audits for every resale home are now mandated. The level of consumer awareness about home energy consumption costs will continue to rise. It will become a higher priority for many future homebuyers. Solar orientation has as much to do with cooling in the summer as it does with warming in winter months. Your home’s energy efficiency will eventually affect your homes value.

Undeveloped subdivisions platted and being re-platted and approved by The City of Mesquite meet many requirements, but no consideration is given to home site solar orientation. This will not happen without The City of Mesquite’s support. The City of Mesquite will need to take the lead and be committed. The homebuilders will not just do this, land use density or maximizing the number of homes they can build on a parcel of land will prevent them from laying out lots for maximum solar exposure.

Overton Power offers a Power Purchase Agreement to individuals. While this is becoming more common, it is not available in all markets.

This is not about “Green Thinking” rather smart planning for the future and marketing.

Solar applications such as home orientation, glass exposure, and overhang design do not necessarily increase cost to build. Yet they save money each month forever.

The systems to generate electricity and heat water add to initial cost, but right now, there may be numerous incentive and rebate programs, stimulus money!

Today for the most part, Mesquite looks like an example of how to best not utilize the sun’s power at all! 

Could Mesquite be missing an opportunity?

Are there any new solar oriented homes in Mesquite’s future?

Could it become a marketing program for our Sunny City? Would people visit Mesquite just to see a solar home neighborhood? Could Mesquite become a shinning example?

Would affordable solar homes in Mesquite stimulate economic development? 

Are there solar oriented subdivisions in Mesquite’s future?

Ignoring the concepts of affordable self-sustaining housing as Mesquite grows is like ignoring the fact that the Baby Boom Generation are really retiring. Proper solar orientation keeps homes cooler during the hot summer, permanently reducing the need for expensive air conditioning.

As I see this, we can either lead or follow. It is a conscious choice that the people of Mesquite should discuss and provide feedback to The City of Mesquite. To be “solar certified” would require changes to existing building codes, and powerful tract homebuilders and developers will likely oppose any changes. Is Mesquite economic development moving in the direction you would like it to be?

The truth is home building technology has not changed much in fifty years. If not properly oriented an energy star rated home can still cost plenty to heat and cool. The sun can help change this.

Vacant land cost basis, five subdivisions sold, all up in the newer Mesquite Heights/ Canyon Crest area. They were a total of 223 acres and sold combined for $2,650,000 or $12,000 per acre. If the builder puts six homes per acre, that is an average cost basis of $2,000 per lot. This is deleveraging in action, lowering cost basis. Infrastructure and grading costs could bring this cost basis up to $30,000 per lot. This could be why only three single-family resale lots sold in 2010 with a median price of $71,000, per Mesquite MLS.

Real estate building and development can become the economic engine for Mesquite again. The target market may have changed, dictating innovation and product change. We must look forward and adjust to the new realities.

Old style conventional homebuilders in Mesquite have been too slow to embrace this land use and building concept. In my opinion, Mesquite’s future is far too important to leave it to builders and land developers to lead Mesquite into the future.

Is the type of Mesquite’s future land development, home building and growth an election issue?










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Foreclosure Freeze

How long can you live in a home once you stop making mortgage payments? Do you believe this free housing will increase or decrease if they stop all foreclosures?

What will a foreclosure freeze do to home values?

How much market manipulation can the consumer really take before they just stop buying and wait? Who do you think will get stuck paying the huge losses?

Do you think you can trust market values when the banks and the government are controlling interest rates, down payments, underwriting standards, inventory, and the media’s presentation of the news?

Chris W. Miller
Independence Realty

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